Sauces, Salsa, BBQ, Spices & Jelly Fundraiser

So many yummy things come in jars – jellies, jams, BBQ sauce, salsa, marinades and more! They’re conveniently packaged and usually shelf stable while sealed, meaning no refrigeration required and they travel well. And that means you can sell them just about anywhere, and THAT means they make awesome fundraising products. People love to find special sauces and jams and flavored butters, they love to “discover” a great marinade or spice blend or an unbelievably tasty salsa and they love to be the first one to share these items with all their friends and family. They make great housewarming gifts and hostess gifts, they even make great party favors to take home and when you put a bunch of them together in a basket you’ve got a fantastic gift for just about anyone on your list. Why not set up a booth at your next fundraiser and offer tasting samples? You’ll sell out in no time flat! The following fundraising companies would love to supply you with everything you could possibly want to make your next fundraising campaign a huge success.