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Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or are doing fundraising for the very first time, you know that hard work and product fundraising ideasfinding just the right product are essential to a successful fundraiser. You may already have an idea what you want to do, but before you make a final decision, take time to browse our wide variety of fundraising ideas. Choose from the most popular: board games, books, candles, candy, car air fresheners, car magnets, catalogs, cheesecake, Christmas, coffee, cookbooks, cookie dough, discount cards, environmentally friendly, first aid, flower bulbs, green, greeting cards, healthy snacks, jerky, magazines, meat products, mystery dinner kits, online, nuts, pasta, pet products, popcorn, pretzels, recycle, scratch cards, special events, spirit, t-shirts, unique surprises, wine, and a number of other fundraiser product categories you may not have previously considered.

Fundraising Companies

Since some groups feel more comfortable conducting their fundraiser with someone in their own geographic area, we have included both state and province listings to assist in your search.

DIY Fundraising Ideas

DIY fundraisers can generate a lot of enthusiasm and add a little fun to your efforts. You will often be starting fromDIY fundraising ideas scratch unless one of your volunteers has experience with your selection. Don't try to re-invent the wheel! Internet searches will often identify other groups who have done similar fundraisers. Don't hesitate to contact them for advice and suggestions. They will usually be glad to help. Consider a nude calendar, bakeless bake sale, don't come event, topless carwash, 50-50 raffle, potty protection insurance, cowpie bingo, kiss the pig, kidnap the teacher, doughnut seeds, ball drop, snail race, goblin insurance, and many, many more! You are only limited by your creativity!  Choose from 200+ DIY fundraising ideas!

Fundraising News

fundraising newsOur fundraising newsletter contains summaries and photos of fundraising activities by groups around the world. Some are traditional, some are unusual, and some are downright wacky! World's shortest fun run, golf ball drop, mud run, dodgeball tournament, don't come event, cow-pie bingo, Chihuahua race, whacking dead golf tournament, lawn mower race, donkey basketball, bed race, and a naked roller coaster ride are just a few of this years items. Our fundraising newsletter may provide some ideas for your next fundraiser and will probably bring a smile to your face.

request fundraising informationTired of spending time contacting companies for information about their fundraising products?  Receive information from dozens of fundraising companies with a single  request form.


find a fundraiser ideaFind out what fundraisers other groups like yours are doing ... animal rescue, band, booster club, church, dance, fire department, high school, PTA, PTO, sorority, sports team and over 100 more in our Find a Fundraiser index.

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