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Nude Calendar Fundraiser

A nude calendar is certainly not appropriate fundraising for all groups but there is a growing number of organizations who have determined that they can raise funds with this eye-opening alternative and have a little fun at the same time. We have included news articles about several such calendars below. The words ''naked'' and ''calendar'' used to conjure up images of Playboy pinups. The new fundraising calendars, which show more wrinkles than curves, are the antithesis of glossy calendars with professional models, and that's precisely why they've become such a hit.  What sells it is that it's everyday people.

DIY Nude Calendar Fundraiser

Regular Folks Cast Aside Modesty for Fundraising

In Vermont, the 2002 Men of Maple Corner fundraising calendar -- featuring men ages 60 to 78 in various stages of undress -- raised more than $500,000, far surpassing the modest goal of $30,000 for improvements to the local community center in Calais, Vt. Proceeds from the 2003 calendar will benefit at least 11 nonprofit groups.

In New Hampshire, women from the town of Tamworth, population 2,200, raised more than $75,000 for 25 local organizations with their 2002 Women of Tamworth fundraising calendar. The 2003 sequel, Tamworth Men in Hats, features men fishing, playing the banjo, hunting and in other activities wearing nothing but hats.

In Vail, Colo., firefighters, chefs, extreme skiers and others teamed up to produce the Vail Undressed calendar and netted more than $30,000 in fundraising aid people in a financial crunch because of a medical crisis.

In Aiken, S.C., the Still Magnolias calendar raised nearly $180,000 for the Aiken Area Council on Aging. The fundraising calendar features photos of women ages 60 to 84 golfing, knitting, playing the piano.  ''We've done the dances, bake sales, rummage sales,'' said Becky Robbins, one of the fundraising calendar organizers. ''We were so excited because instead of making $2,000, we had a chance to make $160,000 or $170,000.''

In England, groups of fox hunters, cricket players, farmers, rugby players and even butchers have published nude calendars for worthy causes, said Moyra Livesey, who is Miss May in the Ladies of Rylstone fundraising calendar. She isn't surprised that it has caught on in America. ''People in the U.S. are just as silly as people over here,'' the 54-year-old Livesey said from England.

In far eastern Maine, where a group of wool spinners produced a 2003 fundraising calendar to finance a trip to Ireland and to fund breast cancer research.  The Wearing Wool fundraising calendar, which celebrates the ''ancient art of spinning and the ageless beauty of women,'' features 20 women between the ages of 33 and 70 who are part of a wool-spinning group. The calendar is in its second printing. ''There are tons of dog calendars and cat calendars and truck calendars, so why not?'' said Donna Kausen of Addison, who is wearing only a pair of boots as she shears a sheep in the calendar. ''There's no doubt it's a wonderful fundraising idea, and it's fun for the community.'' 

Framington, MA: The first thing that strikes you about the male models in the Celebrations 2012 calendar is that they're having fun. They're all over age 64, engaged in their favorite activities (playing tennis, practicing the banjo, riding motorcycles, gardening, and more), and wearing huge grins. And, for the most part, they're stark naked.  It's the second such fundraising effort by the folks at the First Parish Church.  The first calendar came out in 2006 and was a runaway success; it showcased 12 women from the Unitarian Universalist congregation, each of them age 64 or older, all of them in the buff.  One participant, 76, a librarian with three children and four grandchildren, was Miss June.

On the church's website, the AARP-eligible hunks explained why they decided to pose for the calendar.  "It would be fun," one wrote. "Great for other senior men everywhere to see that their contemporaries are active, engaged, and have a sense of humor," another explained. "Time to respond in a positive way to society's worship of youth," a third pointed out. The whole point here is to celebrate the beauty of aging. You see all these high-tech retouched photographs everywhere, but that is not reality. We wanted to show the vitality of people who have aged. Proceeds from sales of the $15 calendar will help to cover salaries, heating, maintenance, and insurance costs at the church.

DIY Nude Calendar Fundraiser 2

Dog Days Expose It All

It's not a new idea but we sure do know how to teach an old dog new tricks. Pup & Cat Co. has been rescuing and fostering dogs and cats for more than 10 years, and we are desperately in need of land and a shelter to house the growing number of homeless animals in our area.  The men in our foster and volunteer network said they would be happy to drop everything to help raise funds. And drop it they did! Ages 20 to 84, these men are not only good-hearted but good-looking as well. (Don't think these men need rescuing too, we know that secretly they all enjoyed it.) The 2004 Men of Pup & Cat Co. is a bit risqué but nonetheless clean family fun. Please help us meet our fundraising goals! The 2004 calendars will be available Nov. 1 through our web site, our post office box, and a variety of locations. It's only $15, which includes the $12.99 calendar cost plus shipping ($25 in Canada, which includes cover price of $19.99CN). The calendar makes a great holiday gift for friends and business associates, and the money goes to a good cause!   

Rollinsford, NH: A fundraising calendar sold by the Friends of the Rollinsford Public Library features models posing with books — and not much else – called — "Bare It All for Books." Mr. July sits on a railroad trestle, obscured by a strategically placed copy of James Baldacci's "First Family." Ms. September is veiled by plants while holding Ursula Hegi's "Stones from the River." Hoping to capture people's attention as the economic downturn strains operating budgets and diminishes donations, the nonprofit group put together a seminude calendar and is counting on it to be its biggest fundraiser ever. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," said the library director. Mr. May poses behind a bale of hay next to his horse and two goats while holding George Orwell's "Animal Farm." The production of the calendar was a volunteer effort. Local photographers shot the poses for free and a local company printed the calendars at a discounted rate. None of the images contain full-on nudity. It's a G-rated calendar.

DIY Nude Calendar Fundraiser 3

"Revealed-- Nude calendar benefits group"

A few years have passed since they had taken the spotlight in a beauty-pageant atmosphere, but the Still Magnolias models took to the job easily Friday evening, celebrating their fundraising project's unveiling at the Aiken Center for the Arts. An overflow crowd at the black-tie fundraiser and an oversized $30,000 check helped emphasize the point that major financial aid is on the way to support the Aiken Area Council on Aging, through sales of oversized $25 fundraising calendars featuring local women in the 60-plus age range, in the buff. The fundraising calendars and the models (with plenty of clothing) were presented to a cheering crowd at the Friday event, with cameras and a cocktail-party atmosphere all around. "I think it's wonderful, and I think that the idea of doing something for the Council on Aging is so fantastic, because it's so needy," said model Sandy Honeck, also known as Miss May 2003. She was captured on film with a bicycle which had lots of flowers in the basket, with strategic placement.  Money from the fundraising project will support the council's outreach with home-delivered meals as well as its outreach to people caring for Alzheimer's patients. In charge of photographing the groups of grinning grandmas was Aiken's Chuck Armour, with assistance from Celeste Cromer Tanton.  "It is very gratifying," Armour said, as dozens of people admired his fundraising calendar work. "I am thrilled to death that it came out the way it did. A lot of hard work went into it ... and if it wasn't for all these lovely ladies that graced the calendar, we wouldn't have the product that we have." Honeck commented on Armour's work and the final product, with its large, sepia-toned pictures. "It's beauuuutiful," she said, with a broad smile. "It was so much fun. Chuck made it easy. We were all very nervous, but he made it very comfortable and easy for us, and he did a great job." She pointed out that the fundraising calendar goes well beyond 12 months. "There were so many people that wanted to do it, that we did 18 months."  Armour commented, "Another thing that we really need to be thankful for is that we live in a country where we can produce a product like this. That's a great thing, right now. We're very fortunate to live in America, where we have the freedom of expression." 

A Shameless Fundraising Project for the Public Schools of Junction City, Oregon

All across the country, from Virginia to Colorado, "nude" calendars are becoming the new fund raising phenomenon. In 2003 the hunks of Junction City's Long Tom Grange dropped everything to support the schools of their small Oregon community by creating an “unusual” fundraising calendar. This discreet, yet provocative PG-Rated fundraising calendar bares almost all! The good-looking men, between the ages of 40 and 70, let nothing get between them and their civic responsibilities!  Meet Mr. January, owner of a Eugene print shop and Mr. August, a part-time farrier and country club manager. Enjoy an entire month of Junction City vineyard owner Mr. March, and Mr. October, a mushroom hunting mycologist.  Thrill to Mr. April, an alpaca farmer, Mr. July, an electrician, Mr. December, the president of a national association - and more! Limited quantities of this historic, full-color fundraising calendar will go on sale in Eugene and Junction City in October 2003; but you can order yours now online to insure you get one as a treat for yourself (and a big surprise for special people on your Christmas gift list!) 

The Men of Maple Corner 2003

It's OFFICIAL! - We have a fundraising calendar for 2003. Men have thrown their names into "the hat" and were selected on July 10th. You can add your e-mail address in the form at bottom left to be notified of any important calendar news. We are also be selling T-shirts and hats. This year there are 16 new guys in 12 months, and the Maple Corner Men for Decency (the clothed men) as the 13th month. Also included in this years calendar are 3 new sections, "our story", a "scrapbook" from last year, and a "Maple Corner Timeline" which gives the history of the Maple Corner Community Center from the 26,000B.C. caveman potlucks to freshly painted dining room in July 2002.  Important Notice to all!! - As of March 15th the Maple Corner Community Center is folding the Men of Maple Corner fundraising calendar operation, and going back to being a sleepy little community social center. People are welcome to place orders up thru that date. On Monday morning, March 17th, we will send out our final shipments and close up shop. Thanks to all for the incredible interest and support for our causes. It has all been lots of fun.  Super special limited offer on Signed Fundraising Calendars - - signed by all the men. Limited Supply, get them before they run out. Price reduced to only $10.  Try This to Test Your Knowledge - The Men of Maple Corner Secret Contest. It was a secret, but now the Location finally is announced.  After the phenomenal success of the 2002 men of Maple Corner fundraising calendar, why on earth would we do another? We sold over half a million dollars worth of calendars and raised enough money to keep our community center alive and thriving into the future. With 39,000 Men of Maple Corner calendars sold worldwide last year and the Calais Community Center Building Fund full beyond their wildest dreams, what could they possibly do with more money?

The answer is give it to groups that need it. After numerous community meetings to determine the needs within the town of Calais, all of this year's fundraising calendar earnings will go to local area non-profits determined by the Community Center Board. Money will be earmarked to fix the Curtis Pond Dam, help the 3 local volunteer fire departments covering Calais, and many other community groups, from the emergency food shelf, to the Historical Society. A new group of brave men offered to put their butts on the line, and our loyal fans encouraged us to do it again. So, for the last time ever, we offer the 2003 Men Of Maple Corner! In the new edition you will find: 12 exceptional monthly photos of Maple Corner’s finest. We are including 4 extra pages with 34 additional behind the scenes photos. See the work of restoring our community center, and learn its unique history. Read the story of the making of the Men of Maple Corner calendar and our meteoric rise to fame. You’ll learn of the Maple Corner Men for Decency protest group. And you’ll see more of your favorite men from last year. Back by popular request, follow along with the Class of 2002’s summer scrapbook. Adventures include: spring skiing in Maple Corner, taking a hike, working on the farm and visiting the statehouse.

T-Shirts and hats - When we surveyed people about T-Shirts and hats, 95% of people in Maple Corner , and 36% of the general public wanted them. So here they are. As of Feb. 1st, the Men of Maple Corner 2003 Fundraising Calendar has been out and available for almost 4months- and we have sold about 17,000 calendars, about 6,000 thru bookstores and 11,000 in direct sales.  Some people have written to me asking what it's like living in Maple Corner, so I asked some of the neighbors to help me put together a list of pros & cons of living here. Here is our start, please feel free, if you live here, to send me more additions to this list. Source: The Men of Maple Corner (Calais, Vermont)

We have included a number of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas in this section that offer a break from traditional product sales.  They were developed by groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser. Some of them are tried and true while others show a lot of creativity ... and even wackiness in some cases.  All of them are obviously not appropriate for every group, but sometimes, with only a little modification, your might find some fund raising ideas that are perfect for your group. If you have an idea for a do-it-yourself fund raiser you are willing to share with others, please send it to us via email. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.