Cell Phone Throw Fundraiser

A Finnish teenager smashed the world record — and probably his phone — in this year’s annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship in Finland. According to contest organizers, the competition offers mobile phone users a unique opportunity to “pay back all the frustrations and disappointments caused by these modern equipments.” Finland is the home of Nokia and is awash in obsolete phones. The event has been held in the southeastern town of Savonlinna since 2000.  While this particular event was not a fundraiser, other locales have used them as a fundraiser and to raise awareness for mobile phone recycling. Some of the more common categories are:

1.  Original (also called “Traditional”): an over-the-shoulder throw with the farthest distance winning (best of three)
2.  Freestyle: contestants get points for aesthetics and creative choreography
3.  Team original: up to three competitors have one throw each with their scores added together
4.  Junior: for children aged twelve or younger

This definitely has possibilities for a creative thinking group!

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