Chuck a Puck Fundraiser

This fund raiser is done at the game, and will not only bring you some money, but should be a crowd pleaser too. To run a chuck a puck fundraiser, you sell numbered pucks at the beginning of the game. Keep track of which puck belongs to whom. This can be done with a ticket system or simply by writing this information down. At the end of the second period, invite everyone who purchased a puck to throw it into the rink. The person whose puck comes closest to the center of he rink wins half of the money raised by selling the pucks. Anywhere from $1 to $5 is a good price for the pucks, but keep in mind the size of your crowd and what they may be willing to pay in your area. When selling the pucks, be sure to emphasize that the remaining half (after the winner gets the prize) goes back to the team.  Source: eHow

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We have included a number of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas in this section that offer a break from traditional product sales.  They were developed by groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser. Some of them are tried and true while others show a lot of creativity … and even wackiness in some cases.  All of them are obviously not appropriate for every group, but sometimes, with only a little modification, your might find some fund raising ideas that are perfect for your group. If you have an idea for a do-it-yourself fund raiser you are willing to share with others, please send it to us via email. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.