Door To Door For Pennies Fundraiser

Go door to door asking for pennies for what ever your group is trying to raise money for. If they try to give you any coins other than a penny, refuse but say that you will gladly take paper money. Most people are confused at the fact that you will only take pennies, but then smile and usually give you some form of paper money. It is best to carry a bucket for the coins, but be aware someone might just give you a big bucket of pennies, so have a place to put them for the time being (like in a car or somewhere where they will not all be seen). When you get enough pennies (about 5-6 ice cream buckets full), take them to the bank. Most banks will let you change coins to bill for free, as long as you have an account there. You will most likely make the most money on the paper money, but the pennies may make up a good number.   Contributed By: Randall W.


We have included a number of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas in this section that offer a break from traditional product sales.  They were developed by groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser. Some of them are tried and true while others show a lot of creativity … and even wackiness in some cases.  All of them are obviously not appropriate for every group, but sometimes, with only a little modification, your might find some fund raising ideas that are perfect for your group. If you have an idea for a do-it-yourself fund raiser you are willing to share with others, please send it to us via email. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.