Frog Jumping Contest Fundraiser

In Plainfield, Connecticut, they didn’t enter the competition with the pageantry that preceded London’s Olympic games, but Hopper and Hoppy found an enthusiastic audience in Plainfield’s 13th annual frog jumping contest. Organizers said more than 70 people took part in the fundraiser to benefit the First Congregational Church of Plainfield. The event brings thousands of dollars into the church to help pay for Sunday school programming costs. Many participants arrived with coolers full of freshly caught frogs of all sizes.

Per tradition, competitors bring their animals to one of two large circles in the center of the park and face off in groups of three, separated by age. To get the frogs moving, people can stomp the ground on either side of the frogs, blow on them or use virtually any other humane means to spur them into action. Touching them is off-limits. Officials require that no frogs be harmed during the contest, and all are released back into the wild after their moment in the sun. any people take their frog-catching routine seriously, refusing to disclose locations. One participant said he recognizes a good frog by “how hard they are to catch”.

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