Outlaw Hunt Fundraiser

The Meade County Historical Society organized an outlaw hunt in to help support repairs, upkeep and promotion of historical facilities including the Dalton Gang Hideout. Since the nefarious deeds of the infamous Dalton Gang are the key stimulant to nationwide interest in Meade County and since the gang’s lawlessness was furthered by their ability to come and go unseen and unsuspected by way of the tunnel that still exists at the Hideout, the Historical Society saw it as their civil duty to call up a “posse.”   As a member of the posse, people from around the world participated in secret maps, clues to unfound treasure, and exciting interactive adventures as they “chased” the Dalton Gang across the country.  Membership cards provided free or substantial discounts to a variety of attractions, retailers and eateries. Newsletters provided clues to finding “hidden treasures” left along the trails and prizes were awarded to those whose clever investigation pays off.

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