Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

A fundraising reverse raffle is one where you don’t want to win. Give a free ticket to everyone attending a regular organization meeting or special event. Tell them they are automatically included in the drawing for a special prize. If they don’t want to be eligible for the prize, they can “sell” their ticket for $1 to $10 – depending on your attendees.

Why would they want to get rid of their ticket? Consider prize options/activities that can be completed during the event itself such as …. singing a song standing on a table; wearing a silly hat or mask; having their face painted; wearing a funny costume; or ?????  Be creative!

You will find very few spoil-sports who won’t go along. If nothing else, they will “sell” their ticket to keep from looking foolish. Your only expense is the raffle tickets (a double ticket roll, a single ticket roll that you tear in half or a board with the numbers for sale).  All ticket stubs (or duplicate tickets or numbers, depending on your style of raffle tickets) are placed in a hat or other container from which one “lucky” number is drawn. The drawing is normally held early in the event to make sure that the “lucky” holder is present.

Alternate 1: Offer a prize such as a goat, pig, donkey, etc. You can be magnanimous and offer to purchase the prize back from the lucky winner for $10.

Alternate 2:  Another alternative is to have a raffle with a “real” prize but rather than let the first number drawn win, you keep drawing until only one number is left. The winner is the last number drawn.

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We have included a number of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas in this section that offer a break from traditional product sales.  They were developed by groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser. Some of them are tried and true while others show a lot of creativity … and even wackiness in some cases.  All of them are obviously not appropriate for every group, but sometimes, with only a little modification, your might find some fund raising ideas that are perfect for your group. If you have an idea for a do-it-yourself fund raiser you are willing to share with others, please send it to us via email. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.