Altrusa Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers may be viewed as a necessary evil, or you can view them as a creative challenge. Altrusa is an international non-profit organization that strives to make our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service. Altrusa historically has been, and still is, a community service organization with a focus on literacy and other local needs. Altrusa, like all non-profits have to spend a lot of time and resources fundraising, and it’s rarely easy.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. The Altrusa Club of Pekin, Illinois recently had great success with a simple spaghetti dinner thanks in part to the help of several local business sponsors. In Albany, New York, the local Altrusa Club held an auction fundraiser with donated items and services, sponsored tables and a local photographer who volunteered her services with a chance for attendees to have their photos taken in front of a nice backdrop. Fundraisers by other Altrusa Clubs include book sales, spa package discounts, candy sales, and restaurant nights.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next Altursa fundraiser.

Pretzel Rods 970×90

Do-It-Yourself Altrusa Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of Altrusa Club DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your programs. How about custom library cards, door to door for pennies, fill the bank, best seat in the house, cheaters’ spelling bee, or thons of every type? Perhaps you can adapt one of these creative DIY fundraiser events to suit your needs:

Literacy Day – For 90 minutes, the halls of Westlake Middle School in Broomfield, Colorado, fell silent as everyone — students, teachers, and custodians — settled down with a good book. The Read-a-Thon event was an innovative and easy fundraiser.  Read more…

Indoor Mini-Golf – The image of the library in Bridgewater, MA as a quiet, calm environment was put on hold as golfers putted along between the stacks of books, aiming for a hole-in-one. The Bridgewater Public Library was converted into a miniature golf course for the day as a fundraiser and to attract attention for the institution.  Read more…

Children’s Cookbook – This is a hilarious and profitable fundraising idea. Ask a group of children to tell you: 1) What they are going to cook; 2) What ingredients they will need; 3) How do they make their recipe; 4) How do they cook their recipe; 5) Draw a picture of what they want to cook.  Read more…