Baseball Team Fundraising Ideas

Baseball is America’s pastime, but chances are, your local baseball team is spending a good deal of time fundraising for the team.  Fundraisers are often needed for new uniforms, travel expenses to away games and equipment.

One of the biggest challenges can be choosing a fundraiser.  In Lemont, IL, the baseball program is embarking on a unique fundraising opportunity that will allow its supporters to rest easy with a Mattress Fundraiser to benefit Lemont High School’s baseball program. In Wyoming, the annual Cody baseball fundraiser supports the more than 300 kids in Cody Youth Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball and American Legion Baseball.  Fundraisers by other baseball teams include 100-inning games, dinners, sales of old uniforms, and restaurant nights.

Check out our complete list of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next baseball team fundraiser.

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Do-It-Yourself Baseball Team Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of Baseball DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your  program.  How about a reverse raffle, baseball marathon, egg and beg, kiss the pig, can drive, food fight or thons of every type?  Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your next baseball team fundraiser.

Arrest a Fan – As a fundraiser,  high school group sold tickets all week at school before the homecoming game and during the game for $5.00. The tickets were papers they printed out with the students name that was purchasing and the students name that the purchaser wished to have arrested.Read more…

Toilet Seat Toss – The rules and scoring for the toilet seat toss fundraiser are the same as horseshoes. Instead of using actual metal horse shoes and metal stakes, use two plungers as the stakes and two toilet seats as the shoes.   Read more…

Rent-a-Kid – We advertised to our community that the kids on the team would be for available for rent between such and such dates as a fundraiser for our team, (allow one or two weeks for the project). Have the coach be the one people check with to rent a kid.  Read more…