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Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Ideas

Do-it-yourself fundraising

Our do-it-yourself fundraising ideas come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some contain detailed instructions while others are just brief summaries of past fundraising activities of other organizations.  Hopefully you can adapt some of them to have some fun and raise funds for your group. We often include similar information from multiple sources to reflect possible variations. You will definitely find some repeats but ... just maybe ... that's because they have proven to be successful! Some of the DIY fundraising ideas will work for your group. Some obviously will not. But make sure you review the entire list because there are some real gems from the top to the bottom of the page!  If you have some fundraising ideas that you are willing to make available to other groups, send them to us via email and we will try to include them in this section (with credit to you of course). Try to provide as much information as possible. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.

50-50 Raffle

Adult Spelling Bee

DIY Adult Spelling Bee

Angel Tree

Animal Photos

Arrest A Fan



Bachelor Auction

DIY fundraiser

Bakeless Bake Sale

Ball Drop

Balloon Bust


Barrels For Education 

Baseball Marathon 

Basket Raffle

Beautiful Baby

Benefit Sing

DIY Benefit Sing

Best Legs 

Best Seat in the House

Bike Scavenger Hunt

Blind Auction

Blind Kickball

Blood Drive

Board Game Tournament

Box City

Bra Chain

Bra Pong

Breakfast With ....

Bring Your Dog To Work 

DIY fundraising ideas

Burger Night

Burned Up Car Engine

Caged For Critters

Cake Walk

Campbell's Soup Co.  

Can Drive

Canadian School Fundraisers

Candy Grams

Canoe Joust

Car Smash

Car Wash

Cardboard Boat Race

Care Packages


Celebrity Autographs

Celebrity Cookbook

Cell Phone Throw 

Cemetery Walk 

Center Court Toss

Chair Art 

Chair Race


Cheap Little Tarts

Cheaters Spelling Bee

Cheer Clinic 

DIY cheer clinic fundraiser

Chicken Plunge

Chicken Poop

Chicken Soup Swim

DIY fundraising ideas

Children's Cookbook

Chinese Auction

Christmas In ...!

Christmas Tree Walk

Chuck a Puck


Cobweb Chase

College Groups

Community Service

Computer Smash

Cookie Sale

Cow Pie Bingo

DIY cow pie bingo fundraiser

Craft Fair

Crazy Hat Day

Crock Pot Cook Off

Cuffing Contest

Dating Game

DIY fundraiser

Decorative Bowling Pins

Decorative Violins


Dining in the Dark

Dinner Auction

Dinner For A Week


Dog Treats

Dog Walk

Dolly's School Bus Adventure

Donation Containers

Don't Come Event

DIY fundraising ideas

Door To Door For Pennies

Doughnut Eating Contest 

Doughnut Seeds

Drive For Dollars

Easter Egg Surprise

Egg and Beg

Equipment Swap

Face Painting

Favorite Photos Contest

Flag Subscription Service

Flamingo Flocking

Flash Mob 

Food Fight

DIY Fundraising

Food Trucks

Frog Jumping Contest

Fundraiser Insurance

Gas Station Attendant

General Mills

Gift Wrapping

Give A Buck

Goal Can

Goat Insurance


DIY fundraising ideas

Goblin Insurance

Goldfish Race

Golf Tournament

Good Grades

Grocery Bagger

Grub Day

Guessing Game

Hair Shaving/Growing


Hearts Marathon


Horse Show

House Numbers

Humane Society

DIY fundraiser

I Dare You 

Indoor Mini-Golf Tournament

It's a Girl Thing!


Job Cards

Karaoke Night

Kidnap The Pastor

Kidnap The Teacher

DIY fundraiser

Kiss Goodbye

Kissing Contest

Kiss the Cow, Fish & Pig

DIY fundraiser

Lake Ice Melts

Lazy Boy Day

DIY fundraising ideas

Library Card

Lingerie Show

Literacy Day

Lobster Race

Lottery Raffle

Luck of the Draw 

Luxury Lockup

Make Believe Tea Party

Mall Coat Check

March Madness

Mascot Pride

Mega Card

Miniature Bible Town

Miniature Golf Tourney

Minute to Win It


Money Jar

Money Tree

Mopping a Yard

Mouse Race

Movie Night

Naming Rights 

Night Golf Tournament  

Night In Jail

No Talent Contest 

Nude Calendar

DIY fundraising ideas

One Night Stand


Outhouse Race

Outlaw Hunt

Pajama Day

Pass The Can

Pasta For Pennies


Paw Painting Art Show

Penny Drive

Penny Project

Pet Baby Shower

Pet Calendar  

Pet Kissing Booth

Pet Parade

Pet Remembrance Tree

Piece of the Puzzle

Pie In Face

DIY Fundraiser

Plane Pull

Play Dough

Poinsettia Sale

Poker Run

Polar Bear Plunge

DIY fundraising ideas

Poop Pool

Potato Bar

Potty Protection Insurance

DIY fundraiser

Pregnant Belly Billboard

Prom Boutique

Prom Dress Rugby

Pumpkin Festival

Punkin Chunkin

Radio Days

Raffle Table

Rappin' Teacher

DIY Rappin Teacher

Recycled Costumes

Redneck Games



Reserved Parking

Restaurant Take Over

Reverse Raffle

DIY fundraiser


Santa Letter

Santa Ski

Seeds to Grow

Sell Your Wares

Shower With Flowers

Singing Christmas Cards

Sitting Pretty

Skinny Dip


Sleep Over

Snail Race 

DIY fundraiser

Snowman Poop

Snowmobile Drag Race

Speed Dating


DIY fundraising ideas

Spirit Chain

Squeegee Day

Stair Climb

Stay Home/Read Book

Sticky Fly

Stock In Youth Group

Student/Faculty Basketball

Sumo Wrestling

Super Bowl Sub Sale

Super Sundae  

Tacky Yard

Target Stores

Teacher Torture

DIY Teacher Torture

Test Drive

Text Donations


Tickets For Treats

Time & Talents

Toilet Seat Toss

Topless Car Wash

DIY fundraiser

Touch A Truck

Town Calendar

Toy Auction

Trashin' Fashion Show

Treasure Hunt

Tree of Lights


Turkey Teacher

Tyson's Foods

Ugly Tie Contest

DIY fundraiser

UK Collection

Valentine Bows

Weight Loss Challenge

Whacking Dead Golf Tournament

Where Has Dolly Been?

Womanless Beauty Pageant

Worm Charming 

Yard Sale


You've Been Ducked! 


Many of the do-it-yourself fundraising ideas included in this section were provided by individual fundraisers from around the world such as yourself, while others were gleaned from a variety of other Internet sites and news articles. We try to provide appropriate credit to the sources but we sometimes find some good fundraising ideas in bulletin board messages that do not fully identify the author so we go with what we have. If you find that a narrative originated from you and credit is not adequately shown, please send us an email.  We will include credit to you/your site or remove the narrative immediately - depending on your preference. 


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